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Upton Arithmetic

Grade 1 / 1st Grade

Upton Starter Arithmetic
Grade 1 Starter Arithmetic Workbook

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Starter Arithmetic Workbook

Teaches the following concepts:

This 64 page consumable workbook does not have a teacher guide. Instructions are included in the book. Due to the simplicity of the Starter Arithmetic workbook, no answers are included.

The Starter Arithmetic Workbook could be used for Kindergarten students as well as first grade. It is designed for a child who is ready to start printing their numerals.

Strayer Upton Starter Arithmetic
Arithmetic Grade 1 Workbook

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Arithmetic Grade 1 Workbook

Teaches the following concepts:

Coins shown are American but most money related questions are word problems with no coins pictured.

Originally written in 1933. Illustrations match the era.

No answers included in this 128 page consumable workbook. At one page per day the Starter Arithmetic and Arithmetic Grade 1 workbooks will take 182 days - the average number of days in a school year. While a student of this age can do more than one page per day, do not spend more than 10 to 15 minutes on math at one time.